eat like a Grand Rapidian with this list of townie faves

Pouring Water

high class

a few classy places for

special occasions

Billiards Table

dive bars

because sometimes you

just need a dive bar

Large Artichoke Pizza


we are pizza fiends, and

GR has some good za!


dessert cream...vegan donuts...oh my!!

Wine Shop

For stayin' in

grab something out and

stay in for the night

Poached Egg Sandwich

start your day with these yummy

breakfast eateries

Beer Tap


a list of the best "beer city" breweries/taphouses

Doner Kebab

quick eats

our favorite quick - but

yummy - spots in GR


late night

you know...for after that after dinner drink

Orange Cocktail

Cocktails + wine

pre dinner/post dinner/in

place of dinner drinks ;)